BKHD № 2 (6) 2020

The Chapterson Knowledge of Isaacof Nineveh. PartI

Syriac Тext, Translation and Notes

Maxim G. Kalinin
MA in Theology
Senior Teacher at the Department of Biblical Studies at the Moscow Theological Academy
Researcher of the SS. Cyril and Methodius School
for Post-Graduate and Doctoral Studies
4/2, building 1 Pyatnitskaya, Moscow 115035, Russia jerm.est@gmail.com

Tatiana B. Lidskaya
Independent Scholar lidskayat@gmail.com
Alexander M. Preobrazhensky
scientific editor of the Publishing house «Poznaniye» 4/2, building 5 Pyatnitskaya, Moscow 115035, Russia sonnenwacht@inbox.ru

Sergey S. Turkin
PhD in Theology Independent Scholar ssturkin@mail.ru

For citation:“‘TheChaptersonKnowledge’ofIsaacofNineveh.PartI”.SyriacText,Translation and Notes by Maxim G. Kalinin, Tatiana B. Lidskaya, Alexander M. Preobrazhensky, Sergey S. Turkin. Bible and Christian Antiquity, No 2 (6), 2020, pp. 15–33 (in Russian). DOI: 10.31802/2658-4476- 2020-2-6-15-33

Abstract. The present paper opens a series of articles that will precede the critical edition of the «Chapters on Knowledge» of Isaac of Nineveh (to be published in «The Bible and Christian Antiquity. Supplementum» book series). In these articles, all the existing Russian translations of the «Chapters on Knowledge» will be revised; further, there will be provided a critical edition of the chapters based on all the known manuscripts, as well as historical and philological notes to the text. In the present article, the Syriac text of the chapters 1–10 against the Oxford, Bodleian Library, Ms syr. e. 7, as well as the revised version of Sergey Turkin’s Russian translation are provided.

Keywords: East Syrian Christian mysticism, Isaac of Nineveh, «The Second Part», «Chapters on Knowledge», Theodore of Mopsuestia, Evagrius Ponticus, degrees of spiritual realization.
Editions and translations