BKHD № 2 (2) 2019

Joseph Ḥazzāyā. Book of the Chapters on Knowledge Newly Discovered Fragments. Translation from Syriac, Preface and Notes

Maxim G. Kalinin
MA in Theology
Senior Teacher of the Biblical Studies Department of Moscow Theological Academy Research Assistant of SS. Cyril and Methodius School
for Post-Graduate and Doctoral Studies
4/2, building 1 Pyatnitskaya, Moscow 115035, Russia

For citation: “Joseph Ḥazzāyā. 
Book of the Chapters on Knowledge. Newly Discovered Fragments”. Translation from Syriac, Preface and Notes by Maxim G. Kalinin // Bi
ble and Christian Antiquity
. 2019, vol. 2, no. 2, pp. 15-53. (In Russian) doi: 10.31802/2658-4476-2019-2-2-15-53

Abstract. This publication contains the original text and the Russian translation of the newly discovered fragments of «Book of the Chapters on Knowledge» of Joseph Ḥazzāyā (8th c.), one of the brightest representatives of the East Syriac mystical tradition. The only manuscript known to researchers «Book of the Chapters on Knowledge» (containing about 2700 chap- ters) was lost in 1915. Since experts remained available only quotes from this work, preserved in the commentary of the East Syriac author Aphrem of Qirkqesion (around 300 chapters), as well as about 550 chapters, preserved in the West Syriac tradition. In 2018, M. G. Kalinin and A. M. Preobrazhensky discovered about 250 new chapters of this work, which are now offered to Russian-speaking readers.

 mysticism, East Syriac mystical tradition, Joseph Ḥazzāyā, «Book of the Chapters on Knowledge», text criticism.
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