BKHD № 4 (4) 2019

Photius of Constantinople, St. Amphilochia. Treatises 223–248

Translation from Ancient Greek, Preface and Notes

Dmitry E. Afinogenov
Doctor of Philology
Leading Researcher at the Institute of World
History at the Russian Academy of Sciences
Professor at the Department of Byzantine and Modern Greek Philology at the Moscow State University 119334 Leninski prosp. 32А, Moscow, Russia logotheta@mail.ru

For citation: “Photius of Constantinople, St. Amphilochia. Treatises 223–248”. Translation from Ancient Greek, Preface and Notes by Dmitry E. Afinogenov. Bible and Christian Antiquity, No 4 (4), 2019, pp. 44–76 (in Russian). DOI: 10.31802/2658-4476-2019-4-4-44-76

Abstract. The part of «Amphilochia» published here is a collection of mostly short works, which treat the topics, both exegetical and theological, previously developed by the patriarch in more expanded form. In some cases St Photios strives to provide a most concise summary of the already investigated problem, but sometimes he expounds his views more precisely or even revises certain points. The section includes also educational materials (for instance, treatise No 225) and pieces of historical information, such as treatise No 242.

Keywords: Biblical exegesis, Byzantine theology, Byzantine philology, Photios of Constantinople.
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