Joseph Ḥazzāyā: A Bibliographical Essay

Maxim G. Kalinin
MA in Theology
Senior Teacher at the Department of Biblical Studies at the Moscow Theological Academy
Researcher at the SS. Cyril and Methodius School
for Post-Graduate and Doctoral Studies
4/2, building 1 Pyatnitskaya, Moscow 115035, Russia

For citation: Kalinin, Maxim G. “Joseph Ḥazzāyā: A Bibliographical Essay”. Bible and Chris- tian Antiquity, No 1 (5), 2020, pp. 185–204 (in Russian). DOI: 10.31802/2658-4476-2020-1-5- 185-204

Abstract. The present paper provides an overview of all the publications (by the beginning of 2020) devoted to Joseph Ḥazzāyā, an East Syriac mystical writer of the 8th century, and also deals with the main publications on the related topics where an analysis of Joseph’s mystical teaching is provided. The overview proceeds in four sections that deal with 1) reference works on Joseph Ḥazzāyā; 2) editions and translations of his writings; 3) studies of his mystical teach- ing and its sources; 4) works dealing with the condemnation of Joseph Ḥazzāyā on the Counsil summoned by patriarch Timothy I, as well as with the subsequent acquittal of this mystical writer.

Keywords: bibliography, Church of the East, East Syriac mysticism, Joseph Ḥazzāyā, patriarch Timothy I, vision of God, Christology, messalianism